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The rapid pace of infrastructure development in Negara Brunei Darussalam has enabled us to continue the expansion of our company. Over the past years, we had successfully undertaken multi-million prestigious projects. We are one of the preference Main Contractor of the Public Works Department. Never content to rest on past success, we research, development and manufacture into superior technology, innovative construction methods and new business opportunities is continual. Its investment in the most advanced specialized machinery and we are doing our best to provide superior services.

We are specialized in the construction and maintenance of civil, structural and infrastructure construction works which are detailed as follow :


Earth Works


Road Works


Drainage Works


Retaining Works


Erosion Works




Embankment Dam Construction Works




We have the resources and capabilities to undertake the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and instrument services.

We are staffed with skilled, experience and qualified quantity surveyor, architect, engineers, supervisors, technicians and tradesman who have had extensive experience in their related fields. The nature of the company’s activities places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, safety, reliability, quality and timely completion of projects. The objective of this department is to provide its services in a manner of which conforms to the specified requirements of the company, its clients and all applicable regulatory authorities.

In order to achieve these objectives, we have established and maintain an effective quality system planned and developed among all functional staff on company-wide basis. To ensure customer satisfaction, this department strongly subscribes to quality management and will ensure the end product and system handed over to client meets the specified requirements and schedule.


We can provide the following services in regards to supply, installation, testing, commissioning, service and maintenance:


Pipe Laying


Pumping System


Instrumentation – Measurement, Monitoring & Control


Water Treatment System


Sewerage Water Treatment System


Water Storage Dam Construction


Underground Pipe & Pipe Jacking



PAHAYTC Sdn Bhd is a company that specialises in developing new or refurbishment of properties.  We have undertaken various of land, property or real estate development projects in Brunei.

Development is a complex process of coordinating various activities to transform ideas and plans into physical reality.  The key phase in property development is deciding the nature of the development to be undertaken and whether or not to proceed with it.  These decisions are based on an evaluation of the market and financial appraisal of the proposed development, including the likely anticipated constraints, risks and profit.

We have established ourselves as one of the most dedicated and professional Developer in Brunei.  We offer all services of development under one roof with complete end-to-end service including consultation of Initiation & Evaluation of development, Land & Property Acquisition, Planning, Design & Permissions, Construction and Management or Disposal of the property.

The development process can be summarized as:


Initiation and evaluation


Land and property acquisition


Design and Approval




Property Management


PAHAYTC Sdn Bhd provide clients with comprehensive management services and maintenance strategies of their properties / assets.  We see the need for the market and have developed a Facility Management System (FMS) Software that is tailored to suit the client’s need.  Whilst their properties / assets are in good hands, our clients are freeing up their time to concentrate on their core business.

We are offering an expert solution on maintenance and preservation of the clients’ properties / assets.  Our approach is based on the lean Six Sigma methodology expertise and quality management with continuous improvement tools for improved process, efficiency and performance tracking.

Modules and functions of the above mentioned FMS software are as follows:-


Building & Asset Management

Capable on providing all details of the assets

WO Prelim & Final Cost Management

Required work estimate cost is being processed on this stage which will go through the standard approving body.

Asset Tagging System

An advanced system to tag all assets using QR-Code.

Inspection / Approval Route

A paperless transaction with email notification to track the inspection and approval phasing of a certain work request.

Asset Tracking

Monitoring of asset’s location, transfer history, retirement and disposal.

Payment on Account (POA)

This manages the creation of payment invoices.

Service Tracking/History

Provides all maintenance history of the equipment.

Budget Management

Tracking the Operation Expenditures (OPEX) and know if the facility is operating within or exceeding the allocated budget.

Asset Statistic

A tool that can categorize assets.

Approvals Management

Can be designed for documents to route to the approved levels of approvals.

Request Management

Systematic process on requests required by the employer.

Graphical Dashboard

A dashboard with a clear view of the facility’s performance, one stop page that can tailor fit to show employer required data.

Work Order Management

Work request tracking tagged as pending, on-going, done or overdue.

Facility Manager Report

Extract and process report with ease. With the right data and real time information, all reports related to facility are just one click away.

KRA / KPI Report

This features employer approved key results area and performance
indicators vital to the success of operation.



The increasing pace of maintenance projects in Negara Brunei Darussalam has enabled us to continue expansion our company. The company plans, carries out and evaluates preventive maintenance schedules for all designated mechanical equipment. Inspect, diagnose and perform major and minor repair work on motors, pumps, hydraulic equipment, compressors, controls, valves and related equipment. Perform routine and preventative maintenance on pumps, motors, engines and compressors. Tests, troubleshoots, services and repairs mechanical equipment. Fabricate and modify parts and equipment as necessary. Maintains records, prepares reports and other specialized maintenance records of equipment and mechanical equipment.


PAHAYTC SDN BHD is a limited company incorporated on the 9th September 1996 in Negara Brunei Darussalam. In fact, our origin started from Soon Foon Timber Merchant Company, which was founded and established by Madam Wong Siew Sing in 1960.

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